Procedure for Handing Complaints

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DOCUMENT: Procedure for Handing Complaints

DEPT: Corporate DOC NO. EU/VC/OP/08

ISSUE No: 01 REV NO. 01


To ensure efficient and effective handling of customer Complaints in the



This procedure covers all complaints reported to the University.


3.1 Egerton University Service charter.

3.2 Performance Contracting Guidelines for Ministries, Statutory Corporations and

Public sector Agencies from CAJ

3.3 The Public Officer Ethics Act 2003


4.1 Complaint- A reason for not being satisfied

4.2 Process Owner- A Head of Division, Directorate, Department or section in the


4.3 Process unit- A Division, Directorate, Department or section in the University

4.4 Customer- Anyone requiring services from any of the process units


Process Owners


6.1 A customer may lodge a complaint through telephone call, personal visit, letters,

e-mail, Short Messages Service (SMS) suggestion box and feedback form in the

various relevant offices in the University. Suggestion boxes shall be opened twice

every week by a team of at least two people nominated from the VC’s,

Communication and Marketing and Integrity Promotion Offices.

6.2 Complaints from the suggestion boxes shall be recorded at the Marketing and

Communication office where they shall be categorized either as general

complaints touching on University level of performance or specific complaints on

certain offices

6.3 General complaints shall be analyzed by the Marketing and Communication

Office and presented to University Management Board Monthly for appropriate


6.4 Specific complaints from the suggestion boxes or from other sources shall be

forwarded to the relevant office for recording in the Process Unit’s complaints

register EU/VC/FM/08

6.5 Within three (3) working days of receiving the complaint, the Process Owner

shall ensure that an acknowledgement letter (by mail or otherwise) confirming the

name and contact of the individual handling the issue is send to the customer.

6.6 The Process Owner shall ensure that the issue is resolved and the correction and

correction actions are recorded in the complaints register.

6.7 If the issue cannot be resolved at the Process Unit, then the Process Owner shall

forward the issue to a higher office for further direction.

6.8 The Process owner shall ensure that written feedback is given to the customer

on the resolution of the complaint within 15 working days.