The Board of Undergraduate studies and Field Attachment Programmes

The Board of Undergraduate studies and Field Attachment Programmes (BUGS & FAP) plays a key role in the realization of one of the Universitys important strategic objective of developing client driven quality programmes 

BUGS & FAP is also responsible in facilitating Field /Industrial Attachment which is crucial in ensuring that the students are trained well enough to meet the changing trends in labour markets and management where prior acquisition of practical skills and attitudes is necessary. Field /Industrial Attachment is tenable after three (3)  and four (4) years of study for the respective Degree programmes and after two (2) years of study for Diploma programmes. The board organizes and coordinates the posting and supervision of students in all the academic programmes that require
Field/Industrial Attachment. The exact nature of assessment and award of grades is determined by the respective Faculty/Departments from which the students come. Field /Industrial attachment duration is a minimum of eight (8) weeks and  carries a credit factor (CF) of 4.0 BUGS & FAP also organizes and coordinates Teaching Practice for all students taking Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension, Diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension and Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Students in these programmes are all required to take Teaching Practice during the course of their study. Teaching practice is conducted for one school term after the students have completed the Methods of Teaching Courses. Post Graduate Diploma in Education students proceed for Teaching Practice after one academic year of study, while Diploma and Undergraduate degree programme students proceed after three years of study.